Lips as red,
Red as the blood she drew from his neck
An escape from reality
When thy mouth enclosed around the pulsating carotid
Little does she know,
That with every drink she takes,
She takes a bit of his life away
Her forever love
Will be a never if she continues to feed
But also a never as for her or she will not survive
She pulls away and moves into the darkness,
As her love comes to, he just holds her
And reassures her that she is not the monster she fears she will become
A moment in silence they hold each other until the sun begins to peak
She closes her eyes for a quick second just to realize it was all a dream
A dream so real she wanted it back, but to go back she had to become that monster again.
To be with my love I must overcome the monster in me or
I will only kill us both in the end.

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