Monster Man

Who's the monster in the room next door,
it's been a while but I've seen him before.
With rage that roars freely his angry words scare me.
Not because what he's saying is upsetting,
but the way it is spreading, to my memories and past enemies.
With people who embody creatures with raving features,
some who provoke cries, or stare you down, or fill you with lies.
Remember that time you were stripped of your core,
left lying with an ache that refused to seize on the bathroom floor.
Your heart ripped out and tattered,
and never returned even a new heart couldn't bring an end
To what you once yearned.
Remember the man who left you standing,
and screaming with tears slicing through your eyes,
again a creature using fury and lies.
A monster is only one side of someone of course,
and life has a funny way
of saving that for when your stuck with them,
ending in everlasting remorse.

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