Monsters and Demons

By TnB19   

Her mind is like a maze no one can save; the little girl trapped inside
its where all her monsters and demons hide
She scratches and claws to escape for the person she is now is the person she hates; its dark where she is
who will bring her light?
who will help her fight; the monsters and demons she deals with day to day before they take her life away
She places a fake smile on her face when jokes are made
she stays awake when others are in bed, shes locked within herself locked within her head
it's lonely where she is; no one understands
people only make jokes because it's not in their hands
they say she's cold-hearted
she doesn't know how to love
the monsters and demons say it's not allowed; they're taking control of her heart
it's dangerous where she is; scared to get close
she knows the demons will come when people make jokes
Shes scared of where she is
no one sees;
the monsters and demons will soon take victory

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