Monsters in Me

there were monsters that resided in me.
they turned my soul to ice, so they could be.
they lived inside and told me what to do;
a part of me would listen, and they grew.
they told me no one wanted to be my friend
I listened and then started to pretend
like those around me that I knew
hated me and they would view
me as the freak I really was,
smart but silent, with scars and cause
of this, I finally learned:
I was alone; but un-concerned
with my appearance as I fell,
hit rock bottom, trapped in a cell.

there were monsters living inside.
they kept saying that we were allied;
that they were truly my only friends,
that we were together 'till the end.
and though the Spock in me said, "never"
the rest of me just said, "you better."
and though no one around me knew
I lost my mind to the monsters, to
whom I could only observe
as they said, "this is what you deserve."
as they plunged the knife into my heart,
I felt the coldness soon depart;
I then could finally escape my cell,
leaving all of my misery behind as well.

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