Monsters of the world

Has one ever felt blind, no sight to see
That the world we live in now wasn't meant to be.
Society is fading turing black as ink,
We're blinded with no guidance making
our hearts feel too weak.
Missing the happiness but the end is about to start
How can you feel worthy with a lonely broken heart?
How can you smile in a world full of gray?
When society is the reason it's been stolen away.
Girls paint their faces and dry their eyes
give up their innocence to please a guy.
And in return he pulls your heart strings tighter
takes your heart in his hands an sets your soul on fire
Now what, you have nothing else to lose
A heart full of sorrow and a face full of blues
A world full of bystanders who think they're to good to
lend a helping hand, causing teens to think death would
Be a better friend
Waiting to late to help those that are broken
Caused by fear leaving the helpful words left
So congrats society, I've seen it all with my own eyes
It's you and you only and a world full of lies

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