Montego Bay’s Tide

Silver moon walking and dancing
Waves lazily caressing your
Soporific luminescence
Like a silent lullaby
Palm trees eagerly beckon
Flirtatiously saying come hither
Flaunting its long green fingers
And the wind desperately
Tries to get its attention
The water cruelly teases the shoreline
Coming again and again
But never staying
The rocks attempt to bully the gentle stream
By impeding its path
But is surprised when
It confronts them without hesitation
Which results in a white foam
Violently splashing all around
Jealous clouds grow
More and more anxious
To block the stars' view
Drunken on the warm sea breeze
And the sight of nature's humorous play
All of one's worries
Are completely dissipated and buried in
The coarse golden sand

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