Months of Just breathing

I talked to you after months of just breathing
hoping your heart was changed.
But you yelled in return;
I almost see your angered face.
I can imagine your anger melting away into your tears
when you say you can't take it.
But you remain as cold as your words,
even if you just fake it.
More than anything I can see what's behind your walls.
I show you my pain, but behind a door is where you fall.
I'm not like your closed doors;
I'm not hiding behind my own shadows.
You have so many ghosts that haunt you,
how can you not see how they follow?
You list my mistakes not seeing they are your own.
I'm just a girl you couldn't love right,
a girl you've never known.
I weep at your sadness it's what makes you so mean.
I wanted to help you but your always hurting me.
You didn't even give me a chance,
you left me here crying.
I told you what I felt and you just sat there sighing.
The thing is you can't read me, you haven't opened my book.
It's sad that you already chose who I was in your head.
It's my soul that you took.

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This Poems Story

This is about a relationship I fought for my whole life. I fell apart for her trying to be perfect. Trying to do right, but was never accepted and always told I was wrong. I don't know if I'm wrong anymore. All I know is these words is how I feel.