Monument of Love

My heart is overflowing with love I have for you.
My life now has a meaning, the day I said, I do.
I still recall those words as if it were today:
I take this woman to love, cherish, honor and obey.
The vows we made I honor, they represent a token
of promises we made, which never will be broken.
Each day I count my blessings and thank my Lord above
for sending you to me, to share my life and love.
Nights are no more lonely, my days are bright and clear.
My love for you grows stronger each day of every year.
You've always been my stepping stone and gave me inspiration
to help me through each day of trials and tribulations.
I give to you my heart, to cherish and to keep.
In return you gave your love, which made my life complete.
I knew that when we met, right from the very start,
I would love you forever from the bottom of my heart.
To count the ways I love you would be an endless chore
'cause each day I find a new way to love you even more.
There's not a wall too high or a river that's too wide,
or nothing I can't conquer to keep me from your side.
Your presence I feel around me, even when you're not here
and your whispered words of love still echo in my ears.
The love I feel inside of me, I'll take it to my grave,
And I'll wait to be with you again on our judgement day.
I send to you this monument, I built with love and care.
Each word was placed with feeling, for only us to share.

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