Mood Swings

Mood swings, who are you exactly?
Why is it that you always get the better half of me?
You go up and down naturally.
So what is it that you are always bad for me?
I must admit I do enjoy a rollercoaster ride?
You know up and down and side to side.
One minute I am spinning around like a disco ball.
All of a sudden, Booom, great big fall.
Mood swings, why do we have to have a love hate relationship?
Why everytime I start sailing, I crash my ship?
I'm okay with feeling all of the emotions
I like it when I experience happiness and pain
It’s just sometimes the emotions leaves me in slow motion
Making me feel like I don’t have anything to gain
After I fall down, nothing feels the same
My least favorite part of this endless game
Mood swings, how about we make a deal.
I’m going to take control of how you make me feel.
A love hate relationship is exactly what we got.
It’s no longer fair for you to make me feel weak on the spot.
Under one condition, I’ll allow you to let me feel.
The only thing I ask is during the process you allow me to heal.
Too many times you left me stirred up like a blender.
Mood swings I take my power back, you MUST SURRENDER!

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