As we stand here beneath the moon
We bother not the time to watch
I feel your eyes adoring me
And soon my breath begins to catch.

So lovely is the queen of night
Whose followers, obedient
Shine upon us starry light
As if our love to compliment.

The moon has graced us with her presence
Sending gentle breezes by
Which first rise up and then die down,
Like to a lover's peaceful sigh.

As you lean down to steal a kiss
My hopeless heart begins to race
Against my will but I've already
Given in to your embrace.

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This Poems Story

I grew up in Athens, Ohio, in a picturesque country home. I have always had a passion for words and began writing at a young age. Though I did enjoy other pastimes growing up, poetry seemed to suit me best. Other hobbies of mine include cooking, drawing, and photography. I love to spend quality time with my family. I find inspiration all around, as well as within myself. I am so pleased with this opportunity to share my work; my poems are written from the depths of my heart, and I hope they reach out to yours.