Moon Bright

Luminous, white, bright in the night sky,
It rises.
A once-in-a-lifetime occurrence--
Or so they said.
I wait, breathless, for the shadow to move across its face.
But the faster clouds, as though a prankster's breath,
Hid the spectacle from sight.

Those clouds!
Where were they at three this morning?
Moon bright, my bedroom illumined,
And sleep elusive,
I wait again, but this time breathing evenly,
Trying to lull my thoughts to some obedient somnolence,
The prankster's breath still active.

The blood moon,
Giant harvest moon,
Shining since creation past, and
Still today, through seedtime and harvest.
Tides flow at its command.
Stars dim in its presence.
But I missed it yet again.

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