I think life is funny,
When you reach the end
Every day’s a piece of a puzzle
Why won’t the broken ones mend?

I have so many ideas,
About the person I should be
These ideas were moonlight,
But then, I am just me

And soon it won’t matter
If it was sunshine or suffer
You are just a story
That might be remembered

Because I like sad music
Turning a crisp page
I want it to define me
But I’m nothing more than a wraith

They say so much,
Critiquing the critics
It’s such a tired game
But not yet, I can’t call it quits

All these voices in my head
Belong to me
It means I have something to say,
Hear me, why can’t you hear me?

I was not born just to die
I wasn’t born just to live my life
These battles hurt me but I swear it’s worth it
One day I’ll free me and find the night

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