Moonlight in Our Bedroom

I must let you know, somehow.
How some are howling at the houses from
old country roads and lonely fields
Some at a moon they will never reach,
amidst trees that will never speak.
But some heard the lovesick lamentations,
coming through the panes, mixing with moonlight.
Somehow I’ll show you the moon,
trying to let the wolves know
with shimmery voice and longing notes
that it loves them too.
Somehow I’ll howl and I’ll get
the trees and moon to howl back,
to break the sound barrier of heartbeats
trickling out of these sheets
where you tenderly dream.
Here each resplendent glimmer that
hits your face is another path to heaven.
And the baying wolves remind me,
that the foreign moon is
smiling at you and me. Listening to
the rhythm of our breathing
and the harmony of two hearts.
Slowly dreaming together,
beat by beat.

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