Moonlight night

By Lea   

It was a beautiful night
The moon was out
As the moon shine
On the beach waters
It was a peaceful night
There no one there
Disturb the night
As she slowly walk
On the beach
She thought to herself
It couldn't get any better
But she spoke to soon
As she kept getting closer
She heard an music
Of an orchestra playing
As she look further
She saw him standing
He took her by the hand
And they dance to the music
After they finished dancing
He took a spot
Where the moonlight
Hit over the beach area
As they look at the
Moon beauty in amazement
They talk for hours
That night
Everything was going right
Not one yelled or blame
They had a peaceful night
They laugh and enjoy
Each other company
And who would've thought
They would owe
To a moonlight night

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This Poems Story

The beauty in the moon itself to let people have a breather and reconnect to what really important