Moonlight on Mother

The sun, the moon, the starry skies,
Independence as she cries.
She was so scared all on her own,
Wishing this house could be called home.

The night he washed away her fears,
Just as the sun absorbed her tears.
The gentle wind dispersed the hurt,
Compiling all but Mother's word.

Though she was so far away,
She begged the memories to stay.
Mother's features pale and blue,
Just like the sky and lasting moon.

In the moonlight, Mother could I find?
Highly doubt it, to her I am blind.

Mother? Mother? Where'd you go?
You left your baby all alone.
Though the midnight dries her tears,
She won't forget her lonely years.

Now she's left alone at night,
With no voice, just shinning fright,
Searching for Mother admist vacant moonlight.
Goodnight Mother, forever goodnight.

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