Moonlight Shining

When the sun goes down, that's when it begins
The pain, the suffering, the playing of violins
I can't sleep, all I think is bad
What else can I do but be so very sad
The fear I feel has me ball my hands in a fist
I grab the blade and slide it across my wrist
People think I'm hurting and harming my skin
However, what I feel is what is with in
No one understands and no one can judge
For the world around me is the one with a grudge
I fight and fight but the words hurt more
I think it's about time I walk through the door
I tell my parents one last time
I love them but I must pay for my crimes
If I weren't here, if I weren't so ugly
The world around me would actually love me
I go to my room and lock my door
I believe it's time for me to soar
I take the blade and slide it up my wrist
This is the last time I'll make a fist

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