Moos And Baas


The Moos sat in a pumpkin patch,chewing cud and spittin'.
Just grazin' lazin' lookin' some were standin' some were sittin'!
Pumpkin's seemed useless to the Moos,so round and orange!
The space could grow chewy grass,what were pumpkins for?

The Baas also favored grass, but weren't too hot on Moos!
They hated pumpkins cause they were just way too hard to chew!
Their creeping vines would make you trip, and fall down on your butt!
A wasted piece of ground unless, the pumpkins gave it up!

And then one day the big Old Moo, who'd taken all he could!
Kicked a pumpkin towards the Baas, to clean his neighborhood!
Then Poppa Baa who felt that Moos, were big and silly beasts!
Let go a boot that sent the pumpkin, right at Old Moos feet!

Now big Old Moo got so upset he kicked with his back feet!
But missed the pumpkin and the Baas all bleated his defeat!
Then big Old Moo said "No you don't", while getting off his rump!
He kicked the pumpkin back so hard, it made the Baas all jump!

It may seem quite impossible fantasy or fact?
For Moos and Baa, Baa, Baas to play, with pumpkins in the patch?
I have asked the cows and sheep as well!
But all I get is "moo" and "baa", they simply will not tell!

So it was Moos and Baa, Baa, Baas, that really did invent!
The game of soccer not for sport, but just for sweet revenge!

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