Morality My Mistress

Once I thought my pen was a precuress
Her every line the progeny of prodigy
Beaming with brilliance, a tempting empress
The conduit for seraphs ravished in her dye
But all she could arouse was my suspicion
Born out of bone-bleached yen

Once I thought morality my mistress
A sedately satiated concubine
My callow cultured, taste from godhood's chalice
And the glowing orb above a philistine
But rubicund adornments can't break her fast
Morality lay chaste

Once I thought my happiness a harpy
Gin-blossomed in her taut debauchery
Who stole the lavish rapids from my body
And double-crossed the mystic awe that split my eye
But she could not adulterate my pen's hilt
Whom socialites exalt

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