Morally Juxtaposed

How do I dance you off of my mind? My head has been filled with ill will since the moment you called me by name.Thoughts I'm otherwise not accustomed to and way out of my character engulf my mind like waves do a shoreline at high tide. You make me wish evil happenings of which I myself am still bound. Unwittingly I long for demise and suffering unsuitable for the foulest scoundrel. To wish such despair upon someone who's only given me pockets of sunshine is egregious. And knowing that stench extends beyond you makes it unbearable. But the cat and mouse game inside rips me like the unworthy scribble of a 5 year old. Errant supposings waver, vaguely justifying my flim flam; vivid imaginings utopic in existence only predicated on vaporous hypotheses. And even if my visions take hold, what is the taste of fruit ripened from treachery? Am I not partially to blame should your current empire crumble? After all, it is I who set the notion in progress. Even from shores afar, and inadvertent, does not the energy loaned in such direction hold me partially culpable? And what does it make me to enjoy the bounties should my prophecy bare reward? You not only opened the office door that fateful day; I would liken it more to Pandora's Box in my regard. What brought us together in that exact moment? Such an unlikely encounter! Or perhaps I'm reading too much into it, and my suffering is all my own doing. As much as it hurts me, all I can hope is to never see your face again in hopes this wicked tug of war relinquishes me of agony otherwise unknown.

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