A dense fog rolls into the dark night,
enveloping everything in it's path.
A man in a black suit emerges
ahead of the thick mist,
a crooked smile plays across his face,
eyes twinkling with mischievous delight.
His shoes clicking on the stone street
as he headed to the home of his next victim.
I watched, silently, from my rooms' window.
The fog following this man.
He stopped in front of my neighbors' door.
I froze in utter fear when the man removed his top hat
and walked soundlessly through the door.
I realized then that this was not just any man.
Could it really be him? I thought.
I waited, holding my breath, until he reappeared.
When he did, I saw it.
Confirming my suspicion.
The infamous parasitic twin,
merely a second face on the back of his head.
An ugly female, blood dripping from her lips.
Her gaze met mine, and she laughed...

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