There is more to you than a pretty smile,
More than just your eyes and style,
More than just the cheerful glee,
More than just these lies we see.

There is more to you than meets the eye.
There is pain as endless as the sky.
There are scars from a past that haunts you still,
There are open wounds that break your will.

There is more to you beneath the masks,
More to you than just the laughs.
There’s an impure heart of selfish desire,
Crippled by weakness and a spirit of ire.

You see beneath your fair complexion,
And think the chaos an ugly infection.
But if you looked in my eyes and saw your reflection,
Would you see the beauty of your imperfection?

Why do you fear when you are fearfully made?
Insecurity defeated when love swallowed the grave.
Barricaded behind walls because you’re not perfect,
But love only says, “You’re worth it”.

Don’t hide behind the fear and doubt,
Don’t believe the lies they shout.
Inside your walls a prisoner, not ready yet to see;
When you let them tumble down, only then will you be free.

I may not see you perfectly,
But I am not blind, and I am free.
No matter what you do or say,
Though I know enough to turn away,
I want you, adore you, and love you anyway.

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