More or Less

One of my favorite sayings
one you may have heard before
Is from a movie that's set in the Depression-era
it's my personal verbal encore
It expresses my exasperated feeling
of being powerless and poor
That I would worry a lot less, if I thought you worried more
Politicians always check the public's pulse
to find out what's going on
They always want the inside take
to know exactly what is wrong
But when it comes to poor folk like me
they really could care less
To them I'm just another unproductive voice
suffering from imaginary duress
They don't care about my trivial concerns
like what am I going to eat
Or if it's really cold outside
what am I going to put on my back and feet
They always say things are 'bout to get better
and there's gonna be plenty of jobs galore
I would worry a whole lot less, if I really thought they worried more
Like the character in that movie
who didn't use any sugar-coated finesse
He just put into words all my frustration ---
how I feel about things more or less

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