More than an addict

I am more than just an addict.
Open your eyes and you'll see.
Much more than the laws I've broken.
I am more than the drug that trys to conquere me.
Somewhere in here I am still me.
Look at what lies deep within.
Past my well created chamelon.
I am more than this addict you see.
I am more than a drug.
I am a daughter, a mother, a friend and a lover.
A christian, a writer and quiet the survivor.
Labeling me and tossing me aside,
Won't make this diease disappear.
It will only make me grow bitter.
And fill me with hate and fear.
Is that what you want for me.
Open your minds and see.
I am more than an addict.
More than a statistic,
more than a drug.
Somewhere inside here...
I am still me.
And I am loved.

L. Mack

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