More Than, I’m Sorry

I grew up only knowing abandonment and hurt
from the people I loved most
This taught me to abandon and hurt others
and never let anyone close
I cannot go back in time
and act or say something different to the loves ones I've hurt
Whether to their faces or behind their backs
being such a person has made me feel like dirt
Life is not perfect
so I will not be able to right all of my wrongs
I can only apologize
for my words or behavior that has caused harm
I have grown to realize
my negative and hurtful ways
I am working on living my life
in a better place
Each day I strive
to be a better person
I look to God for guidance
and He is helping to heal me this is for certain
Please know I am sorry
and this is me reaching out telling you...
Thanks for being my friend, sticking by side and being true

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