More Than Just Love

My love for you has grown stronger
with each and every passing hour.
Now I love with a love which is more than just love
and it fills my heart with an overwhelming power.

But your love, as though you've had enough,
has flown away into the night.
My crippled heart, now sobbing and blind,
may never again feel the touch of such light.

Though so suddenly some melody has filled the absence in the air,
riding the soft wings of a gentle wind,
saving our love from all despair.
As long as we have each other, I possess no further care.

To believe that I no longer love you
fills my heart with sorrow and shame,
Because I hope that one day we'll be married,
joined as one, and forever the same.

Again my love for you still grows ever stronger
with each and every passing hour,
Until now I love with a love which is so much more than just love
it continues to fill my heart with this familiar, overwhelming power.

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