More to Do

More to Do

I give to the less fortunate
Because not everyone is born with a home
A good school
Or even with a functioning body
But I know I have more to do

I travel around the world to help others
To far off places where
Long dead cypress trees extend their branches up to the sky
Like hands praying to God
And mischievous little monkeys with deceit written all over their moon shaped faces
Steal lunches from unwary tourists
And I help the people of the Sahara build another well
But I know I have more to do

I travel to Central America
I build schools for those without education
I frolic with the children of the village when I am not working
But I know I have more to do

I have lived in the humid jungles of Belize, helping people build houses
I have lived in the arid deserts of Ethiopia, building a road to the schools
I have been thanked countless times
I have lived in countless homes
I have built countless buildings

Now I know...
I have no more to do

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