Morning after

Damn where am I, what the hell happened
And how did I get here?
These sheets are orange, this room is foreign
And who bed is this that I share?
The pillows are pink, her perfume it stinks
And who arm is this around my waist?
Should I turn over and see, or should I just leave?
But still there’s something familiar about this place
Have I been here before? Of that I’m not sure
But that smell is so familiar
I definitely should leave before my body is under siege
She’s starting to wake up I can feel her
Did this woman just try to kiss me? Did she say that she missed me?
Did she say it’s been years since we’ve did this?
God I’m so confused, but what excuse do I use?
I can’t remember last night what is this?
I can remember the bar at broad and diamond
And getting out of the car with a girl named diamond
Saying she’s just a homey, just one of my friends
Introducing her to my homey another one of my friends
Maybe that could be a clue on how my life just got screwed.
Hold up!
Why am I in this picture on her wall?
Who is this girl that just changed my world?
I really don’t understand this at all
Now I have to roll over to sneak a peak
To see who this mystery woman really is
Oh no not you! What did I do?
It’s my ex-wife the mother of my kids.

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