Morning Of Regret

It is four in the morning; I'm still waiting for you to call.
As I sit here I stare at our picture hanging there on the wall.
The telephone rings; can it finally be you?
I answer only to find that my assumptions have been true.
There is a girl there on the other line.
She starts out with the words; He is mine.
She tells me you're in love; that you two are meant to be.
Telling me the only thing standing in your way is me.
I feel sick to my stomach; the phone falls to the floor.
I do not know what to say as you come walking through the door.
You can see the hurt within my eyes, and you know that I know.
I turn away from you, and tell you to just pack your bags, and go.
You tell me you love me, and beg me to let you stay,
But finally I find the words I've been wanting to say.
I do not love you, or want you here.
You make my very skin crawl when you come near.
So go get your clothes, your coat, and your shoes.
I refuse to listen to you telling me what I am about to lose.
You ruined our marriage; I was supposed to be your wife.
You took the trust from our vows; I won't let you ruin my life.
We are over; there is no turning back.
Do not even try to stay; do not dare unpack.
I will never want you the way I once did before;
So gather up the suitcases, so I can show you the door.

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