Morning Sanctuary

From this towering vantage point I see
blankets of gauzy white fog enshrouding the vally floor
hiding it from my sight.
Sunlight, a glimmering promise on the horizon
will soon burn the mists away.
But for now, the sun's feeble rays
stain the morning skies in muted
shades of rose. lavender and coral.
Gradually gaining in intensity
she rises in the eastern sky
burning off in patches the mantle of fog
untill no vestige remains
to hide the earth from my view.
A hawk glides effortlessly overhead
searching for an unwary morsel
stirring far below to satiate his hunger.
I listen to the softly whispered song of sunrise,
the muffled stirring of a gentle breeze.
the chattering voices of woodland creatures and
twittering birdsong that fills the air.
Gazing on the beauty around me
I lift my eyes once again to the Heavens
and worship God, the Creator of all,
in this, my Morning Sancturary.

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