Morning Swim

There is but a breath of wind
Navigating through the leaves
A hard thought silence
Down in the cold,tempting water
The dolphin, a distant memory of the once free waters

But to gaze at the clear blue ice
In places shattered like a single pane of glass
The water you are drawn to gaze at
Despite the pitiful morning glare
Offering not even a faint quiver of life beneath the surface

To start
An aggressive crawl
Blood to move
Warmth essential
Wild strokes
Sporadic breaths
That reach only half to the toes
The silence shattered with continuous clatter

Relax, catch your breath, tread water
A frog you must become
Allowing the blood to calm and nourish
Forever you can paddle
With just the hills to view
And the distant squawks
The soundtrack to your triumphant, water dance.

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