Mornings after Mourning

It’s a day by day and all about me process.
That nobody but those just like me can truly understand.
To every woman the mornings after mourning can mean many different things.
To many it means crying daily and talking to a counselor who prescribes something to sleep.
To some the mornings after mourning is working even harder than the morning before never breaking stride.
For all of us women among the group of life taken after almost given.
The action of mourning is a definition different to each found in its chaotic wake.
But as we awaken in the sunrise of a day better than yesterday; we realize it’s different but we did it and we did more than just survive it.
For survival means you just make it.
No we get up each day and we love, we laugh but best of all we live.
When God chooses and life once agains awakens within us.
It does so even better than the mornings before the mornings after mourning.

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