I break when I'm fragile I bend when I'm rigid
When I'm desperate I seek and when I've been called to reason, I write.
If I had the chance to decide on a different path, the life I so much seek,
Would I have chosen fame over family?
They said it will get better but it only got bitter.
How many times have I knocked on God's door telling him I didn't sign up for this?
Which of my prayers did he hear and which did him not?

There's this for sure;
I've been diligent and I've been reckless
I've honored and I've been shamed
I've been a pawn and I hope to be a King.
Despite the miles I know smiles with make way to my heart
God! Remember that priest who take so much delight in the robe?
What a pity it is for the souls under his umbrella of lust, he used to meek but now he's a freak.
When is the deadline for repentance? I heard he threw a party that made the headlines than the sermons of end-time.
I want to believe you didn't take delight in this outrageous view because that will be new.
The questions I have are more than the answers I've received, but most importantly, let me not lose sight of my mission.
I've adhered to the counsel of my own heart yet Lord even in rebellion I may not forget my place.
Let me stand reminded that I'm still MORTAL.

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