Mortal Dark

The slain onto death soul caught in the inferno deep in the abyss.
The scent of some kisses risen from the sun onto my face to efface the extreme dark.
It is here all fallen apart torn sound of horns scavenge over
the mutilated city.
The deceased is broken to minutes of human error trails leading to no safe of escape.
This to date the rampage of may slip away inside a dried eye corpse.

It's an abandon for sense that meant doom over the world.
It came lost exhaust heal then faded of not memories have gone then
stayed death on its way.
They would serve of the pain so the insane that strains in care lines seen into something.
It's called the brain so the insane part of this the entire world.

It has done centuries of the curse of humanity lost in there waste of a sour taste.
This is so to say where has love gone?
Do it they who salvage in there sin again with religious war immune to uproar.
This into something door closed locked in the dark the deadly
of the belly of the beast.

It's chained up in a twisted metal incredible deplore for things happened all through time for
centuries, blood has been spilled into the fields of war.
It has been for and far what?
Actually, it's nothing just loss of lives that failed in the rise of the wind.
That's after it begin souls to grain source money.

It's the resource to devour ones of their peace and freedom so this missed into shadows fallen.
The once dark apart to start with and death hallow in the grave.
Now this would be spent free all the crawl had set into distortional missile last
at challenges of life.
It is to die in zero below temperatures final damnation of holding the fortress
of the castle.

The castle cannons have shot through the walls the fall to dust to help of middle age
worst settling over the surf.
It had been loose ends gave in of the frontier to hold to keep meeting again.
The talons that pierce of many zoom made deadly door handles.

The vandals go in and out destroying a home a family again insanity repeats itself.
A plead for help is great to save stay well in world always to date fuel.

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This Poems Story

Its about coming to terms with death.