Mortal Instruments

Mundanes didn’t know what it was like
to scrape life in a dead world
Where the sun hung limp in the sky
like a burned cinder
Their lives burning as brightly
as candle flames--- and were as easy to snuff out

I see chips of amber around pandemonium.
Pure, ashy ivory, hard polished looking walls.
Colored lights playing over the dance floor like a multicolored fairyland.
Then I spot a razor-sharp blade,
Hanging limp across a boy’s body.
Unnoticeable like a leaf tossed in a current.
Except for a women
Whose charcoaled eyes were gazing to the blade
Then as quickly as a lightning bolt they were gone

I’m wanting to run to get help but I move
I hear screams as I approach a door,
Taking in
“Valentine’s alive”
“We are looking for the Mortal Cup.”
Rage flooding through me, I shove the door open,
Waiting for what's on the other side.
I rub my eyes as I see nothing
Prying my eyes open again, I see silver stars,
Till they adjust to what's in front of me.
Seeing the women again with the eyes of color black,
She knocks him down and strangles him

I look up and see blood splattering everywhere
I scream.
There are more people in the room
No not people, murderers
Taking a step back, a soft hand grasps my wrist
I continue to run, but I trip on a wire.
The last words I hear before the hot tide of
blood and fright
Gets ahold of me
I hear “We are not the children of the night,
Nor we are the downworlders,
we are the Shadowhunters,
offspring of angels and humans.
We need to take you to the Silent Brothers,
The Brothers of Bone City.”

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