Morthern Princess

Upon the fairest night I see a woman whose beauty is beyond that of any dream. She walks in the beauty of the night graceful in every step she takes and yet she walks without fear. By the light of the moon the night air so soft and soothing as though I could feel the touch of her hand a touch that does bring so great a feeling of comfort and warmth. Her eyes so soft and gentle as the light of the winter moon sleet her silver tears not born of sorrow but of great joy. Her hair as light and soft as the twilight sun setting in the west to rise again in the east garcefully as a dove peacefully flying amongest an unkindness of ravens. What darkness would ever dare harm one so full of tenderness only that of a true monster. Whenever I look upon her I wonder what is the age of innocence was it a great regin of love and peace everlasting in the kingdom above. What gift is worthy of one so kind and gentle as she I can only pray she will ever feel and see great love and peace eternally. This gift I wish to be hers forever.

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