I understand the intersection of love and religion
But struggle to see the rest of the Venn.
I see the acts of Gods, the acts of Love
That enhance the experience of faith
But find myself too preoccupied
(with the fleeting melodies of childhood hymns)
To taint them with interpretation.
Anthems devoid of lyrics and harmony must be sung
In a society captivated by flickering lights
To illuminate the obtainable,
To disenchant the attainable.
I've experienced the sensation of existential importance
The Love of God, the reciprocity of my beloved
But the inevitable fall to existential crisis
Emphasizes impermanence, impurity.
Romantic agnosticism —
My most heretical claim,
The closest thing to counter-culture that I have.
There is — there must be — some force
That set the world in motion
That draws us towards each other,
But this culturally exalted idea of love holds too much
Power to be blindly accepted
And its institutionalization has stifled understanding.
But yet. I still find myself to be
An Evangelical Lover.

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