Mossy Stone Flowers

A child of dreams
An angel of nature
So Iris beams
On the cleansed figurings mature

As she greets the North
In the gathering Swell
Venturing forth
With a magical spell.

She borrows a welcome
From the Valkyrie maidens
And hastens to the drum
Set within Valhalla's stanchions,

The coercion of Thor
On the altar of Iceland
Awaiting a war
At the drop of Iris' deft hand.

Godly and goddess
Each approaches a rhythm
And the skies break out the heaven's bodice
To start the hunt's master's schysm.

The sacrifice being observed
The faithful spare a furtive look
For the sky's fruit reserved
In a rapacious rocky nook.

As the clouds bear down
Iris opens her hand
Arranges her gown
And trains her demand,

In acute discomfort
Thor proffers the score
And the universal chess cohort
Is no more,

The rocky nook lights in bright sparks
And Iris' eyes warm them,
Unhistorical marks,
And the deeds that form them.

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This Poems Story

This poem is about the beauty of nature in all of its facets, particularly the difficult ones.