Moth and Flame

Burning brightly flickering alive always changing
Challenging the breeze, the dark, life itself
So much life, so many things to try
Rules are for others but not the flame

Drawn without fear needing, wanting the moth must have the flame
It is everything the moth needs, warmth, strength and excitement
The moth seeks the flame not to control
To share the life that the moth alone cannot achieve

Two flames together will burn so brightly they cancel each other out
Two moths fly as one in ever decreasing circles
Together the moth and flame dance as one seeking
Each fulfilling the needs of the other

Never restrict the flame as its freedom is its power
Never chastise the moth for its control is its passion

When the flame goes out the moth will no longer fly
Only when another flame appears will the moth dance again

Should the moth be lost the flame will flicker for a time
It's brilliance will return
The moths will come

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