each waking moment is a new sense of dread
a new day is another reason to be dead.
she cannot lay slumber in her own bed,
for the whispers of paranoia lay dormant in her head.
All her daughter asks is for a simple want, a need.
Yet her mother turns around and simply calls it greed.
The need for a hug for a simple “you are ok”
Could maybe have saved this child from crying each day.
From tear-soaked bed sheets and tissues on the floor,
Dreams of her own funeral where there is no one at the door.
Where her friends keep on laughing and no body cries,
Her child laid buried yet above in the skies.
All her daughter wanted was her love and her affection.
But all she ever got was her mother's constant rejection,
Feeling like a lost child with no one to love.
She prayed to be taken away to the heavens above,
Not knowing why she just wasn't good enough.
Why, when she needed gentleness, was she treated so rough.
Wondering why her existence caused her mother and friends so much pain,
Longing for her mother's love she probably would never gain.
Wanting her mother to tell her she was a blessing,
That she was not the reason for her mother's stressing.

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