Everyone is inside their abode
Some are enjoying, some feeling Bored
Which time of the week it is, Sunday or Monday?
Every day now turned into Funday

Some are chilling with family in their House,
Some are still fighting with their spouse
Still, some are working from home,
and some are sleeping like they are in a tomb

Our daily life & lifestyle have changed
all the routines and everything concealed
But there was someone this didn't affect
It's none other than our Mother the Great

Everything was still the same for Mother,
all the routines, the plans and everything other
Her life was the same, there was no rest
Looking after the family, caring at her best

From the time she wakes up at dawn,
Till the light goes out in our phone
There were no changes in her behavior
It was all the same as the family's savior

I know I hurt you somedays Mother,
I promise I won't again even with a feather
Thank you for all the love and care
You are a walking miracle now I am aware.

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