I beheld a fairy who had descended from the Paradise
As I opened my little eyes as I just did arise

The mesmerizing lass with a smile pure as the skies
Looking at me with her caressing twinkling eyes

Rekindled my spirit with her playful kiss
Blessed am I with her heavenly bliss

She fed me with the sweetest of all...
... nectars on the earth- the milk, without fall

Taught me the first letter of the alphabet
Holding my little delicate fingers tight

Proves to be the most eminent of my mentors
My first teacher; the solest of my sculptors

Renders my life cheerful, colorful 'n' blissful
As she feeds me, mends me 'n' blesses me bountiful

Ushered upon me whatever I dreamt ever
Cents of gratitude to thy noble soul, O' "Mother"!

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