“Mother” A.K.A. the Kidnapper…

"Mother" A.K.A. the Kidnapper/Slob

Your ass crack is showing.
The whole while the neighbors never knowing.
You lay in a stale rancid puddle of piss.
Not to be near you is what I wish.
Your tits sag to your waist.
Dead flesh you love the taste.
Your mama's boy son is fat.
But nobody cares about that.
Old, bald, & grey.
You can't keep your stench away.
You are two of a kind.
Poor & miserable, with a brainless mind.
You burden me with disgust.
You are no one to love or trust.
You live in a **hole.
Poor people eat cereal in a bowl.
Your existence is shattered & not whole.
You shuffle around barefoot.
Things get lost where they are put.
You love to packrat & hoard.
Being here just makes Ariel & I bored.

(Author Notes

Dedicated to mummy dearest)

© Harmony Sapphire . All rights reserved

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