Mother Africa

About a million years ago,
When there was only but sun and sand,
The earth gave birth to Africa,
And Africa gave birth to man.
You see,
Mother Africa was proud,
Mother Africa was free,
Mother Africa swore to protect her children
From captivity.
But Mother Africa was naive,
For beyond her eyes,
She could not see
That soon her children would become trapped,
Enchained into slavery.
Oh how she wept,
Oh how she cried,
Mother Africa forlorn,
A piece of her had died.
For years she mourned for her children,
So afraid, so alone;
Night after night she prayed,
For her children to come home.
"Father I have faith, the rusted chains will finally burn
Releasing my dear children, and freedom they will earn.
For years, and years I will have yearned,
For my dear children
To one day return."

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This Poems Story

Azhane Patterson is the eldest daughter of five children born to Gyasi and Marcia Patterson and a rising senior of City of Medicine Academy High School. Located in Durham N.C., where she is an honor student and active leader of many organizations. In her free time, she enjoys singing, writing, and dancing. Her inspiration for writing the poem "Mother Africa" was to offer a tribute and to uplift me African- American community during this time of sorrow within our nation. Azhane plans on continuing to write poems in her hopes of becoming a published author.