Mother and Son

She sat alone and watch him wait by the door
waiting for a someone she knew was coming no more
"Daddy promised me." He looked up with his sad eyes
She couldn't heal his broken heart all she could do is to try

Inside it was ripping her heart out
All she wanted to do is scream and shout
All the work she did to keep her baby safe was in vain
She wondered why is this happening, was she to blame?

As she kneeled down by his side
She wiped his tears away and hoped his pain would subside

she scooped him up in her loving arms
as a mother would to keep her child from harm
Then looked at him with loving eyes
Just hoping she wouldn't cry

"My sweet boy, my love of my life
Hear what I say to you
Hear what I say is true
There will be storms big and small
There will days to your knees you will want to fall.
Those days will pass like the tides of the sea
However, by your side you will find me.

So keep strong and ride the tide
Use your sails and let it glide.
Even storms have to sleep
Then and only then you will see

The new horizon crystal clear
then you will truly steer."

He hugged his mother tight fearing to let go
Thinking there was something he just had to let her know
With a small little whisper he let escape his lips
While he clung onto his mothers hips

"Hear what I say to you mommy
Hear what I say is true
I love you mommy and thank you."

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Raising my son