Mother Earth

A collaboration with the entire nation.
What a musical sound creation.
Having my baby was never an if or a maybe.
That would have been crazy.
The one I have makes me glad.
Even though she never had a dad.
The pain was worth giving her birth.
Always needing feeding.
Never getting aa wedding.
No ringer on my finger.
No ceremony singer.
The sky of stars are my diamonds, pearls in the sea.
They would always mean something to me.
As the noise fades, animals leave the confinements of their caves.
Time goes on, the years get long.
Find a place or person to belong.
Birds chirp a daily song.
The sun keeps on burning.
Children are always learning.
The world keeps turning.
The fallen leaves get raked.
The earth quakes. Hearts break.
Daylight can get too bright.
Rain sprinkles make the streets twinkle.
Foggy skies conceal distances.
Offering limited visablity resistance.
The chilly air I despise when it is there.
Warmer clothes I have to wear.
To get sick I wouldn't dare.

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