Once I was a heaven,
A home to homeless beings.
Beautiful flowers bloomed on me,
And deep valleys reached the sky.
Like a mother,
I gave humans everything:
Food, water and life.
I made sure they were all happy and content,
Because I'm the mother of every living being.
Once I was a beauty,
Simple yet wonderful.
I was a heaven,
Marvelous than your dream
And a beautiful reality.
Now I'm covered in smoke and dust,
My water has been contaminated,
My forests has been burned,
The sky is now darkened.
And animals are tortured now.
I cannot separate myself from this horror now,
Without eradicating the human species.
To my own children:
I'm sorry that I cannot protect you,
I'm so sorry that I failed you,
I'm sorry that you are dying,
And I'm sorry that I gave birth to those humans.

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