Mother Earth

You, treacherous humans,
you were born from my womb,
but you are my children no more.

You have poisoned my veins
and infected my breath.
Can you not see?
You humans only bring death.

You take but you don't give.
I give but I don't take.
That, I swear will change.

The soil you walk on,
it will walk on you.
Those you hunt,
they will hunt you.

I am Mother Earth
You are a plague.
I will destroy you,

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This Poems Story

In 2012, I moved to Florida with my family. Even though I received a bilingual education in Guatemala, I struggled at school due to the language barrier. I immersed myself in books hoping to improve my vocabulary, but I never imagined I would fall in love with words so much. Soon, I was writing my own stories and poems. I used to live in a city that was deeply affected by pollution. I imagined what the Earth would say about how humans have abused natural resources and I tried to give her a voice with my poem "Mother Earth".