Mother Earth's Classroom

My baby girl, born of Mother Earth
from the moment you open your eyes, plant your seeds of self-worth.
The most important seed I give you will be that of knowledge;
may my whispers of A Hungry Caterpillar
and Green Eggs and Ham begin your path to college.

Along this path, may its bumps
not leave you forever sitting on the ground
but make you stronger and more willing
to cover the path, safe and sound.

If you ever feel tired, do not rest-
I'll water your stems, because in your weakness
lies even greater strength within.

Keep your mind on a positive pedestal
and force your weary legs to stretch and move.
Your mind is strong, and with words of positive trickery
you can force it to reach victory soon.

Along this path, my darling,
there will be those who are kind enough to help
but remember to help others and be tolerant of everyone else.

Because everyone has a path to follow
and sometimes, a long race to run;
but with your strength, wisdom and kindness,
you and many others will be long done.

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