Mother Found Me in a Dumpster [ IV ]

Mother Found Me in a Dumpster [ IV ]

[ lV ]
"What I saw was lots of love." the Looser declared bold-faced
A most perversed observation that his followers embraced
"They were only visiting tourists." they drivelled to their masses
All party faithfuls standing tall with their heads up their asses

They stood by the Looser and downplayed events of that day
"…most people there were ushered in..." the party faithful would say
“…and just walking through the building…you would actually think
it was an actual tourist visit." Lied a twerp with the spine of a twink

But the very same Reps feared for their lives. This can be verified
Because, video exist of Trumpster House Reps who were inside
Terrorized, they frantically forced furniture against the House door
While outside the Chamber raged a pack of Alt-Right hard-core

So, the Looser called for his followers to continue the big lie
That "The election was stolen." It is he they must stand-by
And Trumpster Reps, their oath to the nation no longer heeded
Inferred that voting rights for the wrong people are not needed

But Mother knew the whole truth: five Capital Police died
One by injuries received in the assault, four others by suicide
Four officers bound by duty were victims of this deed of decry
Perceived lost honour. They chose to die. American Samurai

One hundred thirty-eight Police, were injured by ‘Guests being ushered...’
Pipes and bats, stun guns and bear spray were the weapons of this herd
Taser and cracked ribs, cuts and concussions were suffered by officers
Who fought four long hours with vicious...’Visiting tourists’...attackers!

Four followers who believed the Looser's big lie died that day
Two by natural causes, one by overdose taken during the melée
Mother watched the fourth; her group attacked the House Lobby
She wore a Trumpster flag as a cape and was shot by Security

Climbing through a broken House Lobby window, she was warned
Stop or be shot, but she pushed on. A victim of QAnon; misinformed
And a Capital officer doing his duty to serve and protect is now accused
By the Looser and followers; murderer, executioner are words they used

The Looser himself blatantly stood before world media newscasts
“Why is the Capitol Police officer getting away with murder.” He asks
He sinisterly alluded as if to pass on information: “We know who he is.”
Mother saw his veiled threat…chilling words that were definitely his


Continued in ‘Mother Found Me in a Dumpster [ V ]’

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    This is number [ IV ] of six parts.