Mother Found Me in a Dumpster [ II ]

Mother Found Me in a Dumpster [ II ]

Then came the election. All creeds and cultures voted
They voted in numbers that were never before noted
The majority had spoken and their choice was moderation
But the Looser refused to accept the vote's clear affirmation

Mother read his tweets of that other party's cheating
She woefully watched as his followers kept on repeating
"The machines were rigged!" Like crows they cawed
But they never once gave proof that any vote was fraud

Then all ballots were counted by the left, right and centre
The Trumpsters had lost, but they followed their mentor
"We won by a landslide." the Looser brazenly inflected
Then he lobbied to have whole voting blocks rejected

He sighed, he lied, he pushed truth aside to turn the tide
But governors from his own party refused to backslide
"A show of force is what we need." to his followers he pitched
Stand with me on January the sixth "I know this can be fixed."

With his cabal of stooges they schemed to twist fate
In a hotel a block from the Office he refused to vacate
There they set about planing to reverse the election
They orchestrated a show, the seed of an insurrection!

Then a call from QAnon's network to the Alt-Right in their bars
"Our country's in danger." they cried "We'll take back what is ours."
"Send us money." urged his cabal "Our fight has just begun."
"Jan. 6 will be crazy..." the Joker incited "Show up for the fun."

Buy Trumpster red hats, wear camouflage or blue-jean
To make a strong statement we will build a guillotine
To symbolically sever heads in this sham democracy
And set ourselves free from big government hypocrisy

We will gather in numbers and do anything we want, because...
Blanket pardons are promised. We will be safe from all laws
If we can't afford a guillotine, build a gallows to get the job done!
Bring Trumpster flags and beer ‘This show is going to be fun.’


Continued in ‘ Mother Found Me in a Dumpster [ lll ]’

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    This is number [ II ] of six parts